Andy Stern Pro Snowboarder

Home Mountain - Stevens Pass, WA

Hometown - Shoreline, WA

Sponsors - DC Snowboarding, GCW Bindings, Stevens Pass, SnoCon forever


When did you start snowboarding?
- '94-95.

What's your favorite type of terrain to ride?
- Over the last five or six years, I've really been more focused and interested in the backcountry - building jumps, pat-downs, and having the freedom to interpret the terrain based on your own style and ideas. Its a pretty big commitment from the minute you get out there - to yourself, your crew, and the elements. Teamwork is super important, and I think there's a bit of risk reward that's comes from knowing how hard you may have worked to get that shot.

Favorite mountain and why?
- Favorite mountain has gotta be Stevens pass, wa. I grew up riding there - in fact, I never actually rode another mountain in WA until I was maybe 12 or 13.

The terrain is extremely diverse, and changes from year to year based on tree maintenance and new rock slides, along with tons of other factors. Not to mention, there are almost always good stashes to be found if you know where, and how to intelligently explore them...

Big thanks of the day to Stevens Pass for supporting me as a team rider for almost a decade now

Why do you ride for GCW Bindings?
- Aside from the ability to mix and match colorways and really customize your new set of bindings (that's so rad) - I wanted the opportunity to have input, involvement, and growth with a brand. Especially a local company who builds everything in house, using super high quality materials. From my experience, the priority of having a really solid, comfortable set of bindings should come second only to your boots. Thanks GCW!
What's the hairiest line you ever hit?
- It's hard to pinpoint one – I'm not typically the "sketchy line guy" by choice, but most all of our steep terrain is pretty hairy early in the season. Like the first few weeks, it's normally a lot of figuring out what is, and isn't rideable – by riding it...Sometimes you are just guessing and hoping there is an exit at the bottom, and that you're not going to get cliffed-out. I guess that's what stands out most, because it's the same deal every year.

Describe the 'ultimate' day on the mountain.
- Wake up at 5, caffinate, fuel up the sled and meet the crew. Rally up to the trailhead, unload, and play around in the waist deep snow all the way up to the zone. Find some drops, pat downs, pillows - get the shots. Lunch, some afternoon shooting and sledding around, then call it a day. But most importantly - stay safe, stay focused, stay in tune with the mountain so that we can all come home at the end of the day.

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