Quality Snowboard Bindings, Built in USA

At GCW Bindings we use a number of CNC technologies to provide one of the best sets of snowboard bindings on the market made exclusively in Washinton State. We don't outsource our hardware, bindings, or materials, there is no "made in china" on any of our sets. With GCW you get a hand crafted, high quality, CNC machined, USA made snowboard binding, custom built for you.

Snowboard Binding Hardware

CNC Swiss Machined Hardware

CNC swiss machining is the highest level of hardware manufacturing available. All hardware on GCW Bindings is made using our very own CNC swiss machine. This gives you the best quality machined hardware you can get with tolerances of .0005 of an inch.

Because we are machinists ourselves, GCW can produce snowboard binding hardware at a fraction of normal costs to ensure our bindings keep their high quality at an affordable price.

Snowboard Binding Frame

Aluminum Frame Construction

The aluminum we use is 6061 and sourced from a local metal distributor out of Seattle. Each piece is then meticulously CNC machined to within thousandth's of an inch before it is sand blasted to a perfect finish.

Once the aluminum is cleaned we bend each piece to exact specifications and they're ready for powdercoat.

Snowboard Binding Heelcup

6061-T6 Aluminum Heelcups

  • Our CNC machined 6061 heelcups provide quality front to back support by attaching along the full length of the binding.
  • The entire edge profile is radius'd forming a perfect transition from side to side for perfect smooth edges. Custom swiss machined square hardware attaches our bases to the our heelcups with unmatched precision

Carbon Fiber Snowboard Highback

Carbon Fiber Highbacks

Utilizing carbon fiber for our highbacks we provide you with a high end quality product at half the weight of a normal highback.

Our highbacks are a multi-layer composite layup with 3K carbon fiber that gives you the optimal combination of stiffness and comfort to create a firm yet flexible ride.

Snowboard Binding Baseplate

Zytel Bases & Disks

Our plastics are made using 6/6 nylon to provide the strength and flexibility you've come to expect from top tier bindings.

Front to back plastic means no bending of aluminum and nylon Disks ensure even contact with your board


Design Your Own Snowboard Bindings

We decided if you want bindings that are purple, red, yellow, and green then you should have them. We do all our own powdercoating which means that we can create a custom set of bindings that matches your style.

Why limit yourself this years colorways when you can create your own set and be the only one on the mountain with that color scheme.