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Home Mountain - Snowbird, UT

Hometown - Salt Lake City, UT

Sponsors - GCW Bindings, Giro Snow, Nomad Gloves, IZM Apparel, Deviation Snowboards


When did you start snowboarding?
- I started snowboarding at age 8 in 2003 through Bob Hall ski school at Stevens Pass. 

What's your favorite type of terrain to ride?
- Any kind of natural terrain features: log rides, pillow lines, wind lips, etc..

Favorite mountain and why?
- Stevens Pass because of the ridiculous terrain that is easily accessible. Also, no crowds and a great core community. It's heaven on earth if you ask me!

Why do you ride for GCW Bindings?
- I ride GCW bindings because of the mission to build bindings with the highest tech materials and engineering. With this goal, GCW bindings are unmatched in the industry. I used to break every previous pair of bindings but GCW's product is engineered to survive the hardest backcountry riding. 
What's the hairiest line you ever hit?
- Dang... There's a lot of gnarly ones.. However, the one I was most gripped on was at Stevens Pass. It was a like 3-4 foot wide pillowy spine with a mandatory 15-20 foot air at the end. Also, falling to either side wasn't an option because it dropped of to chutes with trees everywhere. I had to hit it proper which meant pretty much pointing it past the gnar to the exit air. I was pumped when I stomped to say the least..

Describe the 'ultimate' day on the mountain.
- Lots of powder, no crowds, hotlaps and good friends. Doesn't get any bettter! 

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